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The Anywhere Swaddle


The Cocoon Company’s Anywhere Swaddle, previously known as the Car Seat Swaddle, is the ideal solution for any parent who is swaddling their baby. Its easy to use design is perfect for your baby’s car seat or other five or three point restraining system. The swaddle can be used in bouncy seats, swings, and strollers. The Cocoon Anywhere Swaddle is made of incredibly soft Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton, which is gentle and soothing against your baby’s skin. Our breathable fabric will allow your baby to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while providing the same benefits of a normal swaddle but with the adaptability of using it on the go.

Our swaddles are designed with a quilted back with slits to pull through the harnesses. A deep pocket at the bottom of the swaddle contains the blanket used in the first step of the swaddling process, this pocket also allows an area for your babies feet to stay secure as they grow. Wings on both sides of the swaddle give generous allowance for your little one to be swaddled snugly as your baby’s size allows. Optimal weight for our swaddles is 8 lbs to 20 lbs.

  • First on-the-go swaddle
  • Ideal for car seats, strollers, swings, bouncy seats, etc.
  • Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton
  • Lightweight & breathable fabric
  • Works in most 3 point or 5 point harness systems
  • Free standard shipping on all US orders
  • Make it a Bundle! Click here to see our bib and swaddle bundle packages. Buy one for yourself or give one as a baby gift! The ideal package, perfect for any new mom!
    certified organic car swaddle


With your purchase, a donation will be made to Children’s Impact Network, helping provide food and shelter for orphans.

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Ideal baby weight 8 lbs to 20 lbs
Weight of swaddle 9.5 oz
Size of swaddle 25 1/2″ long by 33″ wide*
2 Vertical slits 10″
1 Horizontal slit 4″

Colors: Our organic anywhere swaddle comes in an off-white color

Care Instructions: For best results, wash in warm water with like colors. Tumble dry low heat.

Send a Baby Gift: Need a great baby shower gift idea? Our anywhere swaddle makes the perfect baby shower gift! Deliver it yourself or have us ship it to them for you! Either way, standard shipping is always free!

*Dimensions of swaddle when open

For instructions on how to use the anywhere swaddle please click the swaddle instructions tab or for a more in-depth guide, view our instructional video

Swaddling Instructions

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How to Swaddle

How to swaddle



  1. (verified owner)

    My daughter loves to be swaddled, and without the Cocoon swaddle, car trips, stroller rides and any time in her car seat would be miserable for her and the rest of us! The second I buckle her in the car seat she cries, but once I swaddle her in, she’s happy and quiet. I use it at home while I cook dinner, while we eat dinner or any time she’s tired and I need my hands free. I love it because she is safely secured with the harness in the seat, plus comfy and happy with the swaddle. The Cocoon swaddle has gotten me hours of silent workout time and walks around the neighborhood. It’s easy to take in and out of the car seat and add it to the stroller. Buckle her in, swaddle her up and off we go! We love it and I will be using this swaddle for months to come!! A definite must have to all moms with babies who hate the car, or love the comfort of a swaddle!

  2. (verified owner)

    If it weren’t for this car seat swaddle, we probably wouldn’t have gone out to dinner for the first six months. Our son, who is not a big fan of his infant carrier, has slept every time that we’ve had him in the car seat swaddle… Including loud restaurants, shopping trips, and long car rides. It was especially helpful when we had extended family in town, as they now think that our child is always so well-behaved. Who knew that having him swaddled in the carrier would make such a difference?

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