10 Tips for Traveling with Tots & Babies

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10 Tips for Traveling with Tots & Babies

Are you anxious about your upcoming trip of a lifetime with baby or toddler in tow?  Fear not!  We’ve got tips to help you with everything from on-the-go diaper changes to activity planning, and more!

1.  Make sure you include plenty of age-appropriate kid-friendly activities along the way, from children’s museums & petting zoos to beaches & parks, plenty of fun for everyone!

2. If baby is teething, or snacking, keep a Cocoon Co. drool bib on him at all times to keep his outfit dry and make clean-up a breeze.

3.  Remember, babies get jet lag too & not just from flying but long roadtrips also.  Make sure to account for crossing timezones and keep in mind how this will affect baby’s sleeping/eating schedule.  Plan accordingly and allow for 2-3 days to adjust.

4.  Take naps!  If you’re on the road and baby’s napping in the car seat, you or your partner should be napping, too so that one of you is always well rested for the next shift of driving.  If you flew to your destination, take advantage of napping with baby (to catch up on the jet lag).  Once you’re all caught up, try to plan the awesome but boring-for-baby adult outings for baby naptime in the stroller.

5.  If road-tripping with an infant, take every toy & teether you can fit in your car so you have a constant rotation of distractions ready to go to keep baby entertained (or at least breathing during a meltdown until you are able to stop the car and take care of the issue).  If your little one is older, make sure to bring plenty of books & snacks as well.  If flying, make sure to include as many of these items as you can in your carry-on that you stow under your seat.

6.  Bring audio books (or the app “Audible”) to entertain the awake adults while the baby sleeps.  Obviously a great idea for road trips, but also excellent for an in-flight escape with earphones while the little one either sleeps, reads, plays a game, watches a movie or sits calmly staring out the window in awe of the world.

7. Stroll simply.  Don’t bring your heavy duty travel system stroller along for the ride (unless your baby is not big enough to stroll outside of a carseat).  Although the name alludes to the idea that traveling is what it’s made for, if you’ve ever had to lift it into your car with one hand while holding baby in the other, you know that’s false advertising.  Get an umbrella stroller for the trip or another lightweight option.

8. Wet wipes & empty Ziploc bags.  Never leave home without them.  If you prefer a greener alternative… a spray bottle full of water and plenty of washcloths should do the trick while you’re on the road, or a Ziploc bags containing clean wet washcloths for the plane).  Ziploc bags can be used for so many solutions, but the best solution is for storing dirty diapers until you’re able to wash or throw them away.

9.  Bring your Anywhere Swaddle!  If you want to keep your baby as quiet and content as possible you must bring your Anywhere Swaddle.  It is the only way to keep your little one swaddled on the go!!

10.  Finally, if you really want a stress-free vacation, you want to save as much money as possible, and you want your baby or toddler to make memories that will last a lifetime, have a stay-cation instead!  Take a pointer from the sitcom “Raising Hope” & take really awesome pictures with fake backdrops since they’ll never know unless you tell them!  If you prefer not telling your future teen that his beloved photo on the African Safari was actually taken at the local zoo, embrace the truth and go all out being tourists in your hometown.  They will probably appreciate these real stories more than if you just faked it.  When is the last time you visited your local museum, zoo, nature trail, splash pad, theme park, carousel, arcade, beach, etc.?  You don’t have to travel far to be tourists!

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