3 Fun ways to keep your baby entertained

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3 Fun Ways to Keep the Kid Entertained (So You Can Get Something Done)

You could always use the exersaucer, bouncer, play pen, crib, swing, etc., to keep your little one confined to a safe space with toys while you try for the third-zillionth time to warm up your coffee or re-wash that load of laundry.  However, as a parent, you know that those safe solutions are just never enough by themselves!  Check out 3 of our favorite ways to help keep your little critter entertained and safe long enough for you to empty the dishwasher:Drool Bibs, How to Swaddle, Swaddling Organic, Dribble bib

1. Make-shift Kid Countertop – Speaking of dishwashers, next time you’re prepping a meal in the kitchen and your tiny tot wants to lend a helping, super messy hand, encourage it!  Break out your Cocoon Co. Drool Bib, pull down the dishwasher door & break out the home-made play-dough, BPA-free plastic bowls & wooden spoons.  The dishwasher door is the perfect height for a make-shift kiddy counter, and the best part is, when it’s all said & done, you just close the door to clean up!  Voila!

2. Laundry Hamper On-the-Go – Do you need to run to the laundry room to swap a load, use the restroom, or brush your teeth, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a swing or play pen, etc.?  Set baby in a laundry hamper or basket with reasonable height.  You can slide them around on the floor in circles when they get fussy, pick baby up in it and carry to another room for a change of scenery, or play peek-a-boo between the side slots as a quick distraction.  Never be out of arm’s reach though and take extra care to ensure that no dangerous objects are within your little one’s reach.

3.  Cardboard Box Classic – Tried & true, & tot-tested, cardboard boxes never go out of style.! Baby can build a fort, pretend to be a box head robot, or simply use a box as a drum to bang on. What kid doesn’t love banging on anything they can get their little sticky fingers on?  Just make sure to watch for sharp corners!

What are some of your kids’ favorite entertaining activities that help you get things done while little one practices the art of independence?

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