Acid Reflux…Is There a Natural Approach That Really Works?

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My daughter is a preemie, she was born almost a month early. She was born at a healthy weight of 6 lbs 6 oz but I have struggled getting the weight back on her. In order to help boost her weight I supplemented her with an ounce of pumped breast milk after each feeding for a week and she gained 7 oz during that week! Feedings had been going great but around 7 weeks old she started spitting up after every feeding, a lot of times she would spit out her entire intake. I got worried so I took her to the doctor for a weight check & discovered to my dismay that she only gained 2 ounces in just over 2 1/2 weeks. Not good!
We first had to rule out pyloric stenosis (a blockage in between the stomach & small intestine which can only be fixed with surgery) and thankfully that came back negative. Then it was determining what was causing her to spit up. Thinking maybe it was acid reflux, the doctor wrote her a prescription. I’m not against medications but ideally since I’m more of an organic and eco-friendly type of mom I would like to try natural remedies first, so I began my research online. I came across the article attached and it has been a God send! The one thing I read that stuck out to me was that many of these medications work & work well at controlling the symptoms but they may have long term effects & they are not fixing the root cause of the reflux. So for the past week I have done the ginger oil rub on her belly before every feeding while I try to determine what her trigger foods are. Since starting the oil rub, she has not spit up one time after her feedings. I have cut out dairy, eggs, soy, and wheat, which seem to be the top four trigger foods and then I will slowly reintroduce them back into my diet after 10 days to determine what is causing her to spit up.
We went today for her weight check and my baby girl gained 8 1/2 ounces in six days! I have been supplementing with organic formula to help add extra calories into her day but I think the key to the weight gain has really been keeping the milk down. The article below has been a great resource and also underscores why sometimes prescription medications may actually mask the symptoms instead of ¬†getting to the root cause. I am excited to pass this article along hoping that it can help some of moms out there as acid reflux seems to be a common problem. It’s a trial and error approach for me and hopefully some of the options listed in the article will help some of you. I’ll be writing an update in the next couple weeks stating our progress but I am excited to have found a method that seems to be working thus far!
I would also love to hear feedback from any of you who have struggled with infant reflux. For those who have found other solutions, I would love to hear what has worked for you!

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