The Good Behavior Jar

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Do you ever feel like you are constantly telling your kids no or constantly disciplining? I did!! I would go to bed some nights feeling like it is a never ending battle against wills and would it ever end? I had this very discussion with one of my girlfriends who suggested to me to try the good behavior jar. And I did, and it works, and I love it!!
The good behavior jar reinforces good behavior and has my boys excited about being kind, obedient, and putting others first. So what exactly is it and how does it work?
The good behavior jar is a reward program that allows any adult that sees one of my children doing something kind, thoughtful, or just behaving well to give them a Pom Pom to put in their jar. There are 3 lines on the jar and each line they reach is a reward that they and I previously chose together. Obviously the higher the line the greater the reward. Their first reward line was a cookie, the next line was a small toy (they ended up sharing a hot wheels launcher as a shared prize) and they are both working very hard to earn enough Pom poms to get to the third line. One wants a small Lego set and the other wants a trip to the movies. Once the jars are filled we will come up with some new reward goals!
The jars have worked out amazingly!! My boys get so excited when they can put a Pom Pom in their jar and they love the recognition for their efforts! It also has given them something to patiently work towards and has given us positive behavior vs negative behavior to highlight. I have been asked many times if we take Pom Poms out for bad behavior and the answer is no. We still punish for bad behavior.
We used the jar decorating as a fun activity as well. I took the boys to our local craft store and allowed them to pick out stickers so they could decorate & personalize their jars. It was a fun afternoon craft and they were both so proud of their jars!
I would love to hear what positive reinforcement has worked for other moms or if any of you decide to try out your own jars what kind of experiences you have with them!

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