Cocoon Company and Children's Impact Network

With your purchase, a donation will be made to Children’s Impact Network, helping provide food and shelter for orphans.

Children’s Impact Network has founded three Life Centers in Bolivia, Honduras and Columbia. These organizations help to rescue abandoned, abused and neglected children. The Bolivia Life Center provides a loving, safe, and compassionate home. The center trains, educates and prepares its children to become healthy and capable adults. When these children age out of the orphanage, they join the LIFEhouse at 18 years old. This transitional home allows them to pursue a secondary education at a university or training institute and participate in their one-year military training program. Mentors develop these young adults and students at the LIFEhouse in order to secure jobs, learn responsibility traits, money management, and how to grow their spiritual walk. We have chosen to work with Children’s Impact Network because we believe that God has called us to help orphans in time of distress and with your help we can make that happen!

If you would like to find out more about Children’s Impact Network or would like to sponsor a child yourself please click here.