Paint Party

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It’s Paint Party Night at your house, and visions of doors painted black and red dance through your head, or flat screens painted blue. While you know the possibilities in the world of colorful pigments are endless, you can almost guarantee that whatever outfit your little one wears will be soon be a different color from what it started out as. Besides a bib, the #1 line of defense for moms everywhere, the following are our favorite tips to help you keep things tidy while chaos ensues:
1. Save an empty egg carton to reuse as a paint palette. (Or if you don’t have an egg carton, you can use a muffin tin or ice cube tray). Fill a few slots with some primary (non-toxic) colors and let them create their own unique shades!
2. Make your own non-toxic, edible (although not particularly tasty) paints! If it’s edible, it’s usually washable. Check out this link for details:

3. Call it a “Patio Paint Party” to potentially save your walls, or at least save you the hassle of cleaning the walls.
4. Lay down a tarp to act as a bib for the floor! If you don’t own a tarp, use blankets or towels you don’t mind ruining.
5. Tear out pages from a JUMBO coloring book & have the kiddos practice painting within the lines using smaller brushes (for the older kids). While this may stifle creativity a little, it serves another purpose of enhancing hand-eye coordination while being fun, and it’s still more creative than Paint-by-Numbers since they get to choose the colors. You could also have them draw their own art to paint! This tip will help keep the paint on the masterpiece and off of everything else!
Part of the fun in painting is making a mess of it, whether you’re 5 or 50 years old, so while you don’t want to discourage the mess in their creativity, using these tips might help make clean-up a little bit easier!

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