Potty Training

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Our babies are all grown up!  Maybe not literally, but for moms, potty training is a big milestone… it validates that our baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Over the past weekend we have had that validation with both of our babies 😉 For both of us the second time has been a charm. Lauren and I both tried potty training about 6 months ago.  Besides the fact that potty training is more eco friendly, we both had our reasons for why we wanted to potty train the first time around.  Lauren wanted to do it before her daughter, Elizabeth, was born and I had heard that if you do it before 2 years it was easier.  For me (Jenny) that was definitely not true.  I don’t think Adele actually ever peed in the potty.  She peed on the carpet, the hardwood floors and even pooped on the carpet when I was out of the room for barely a minute.  Tanner, on the other hand, potty trained himself! He didn’t have an accident for a week & then suddenly decided he was done with the potty & she couldn’t beg him to get back on the potty. Needless to say, this wasn’t the right timing for either of us.

Over Christmas vacation I kept telling Adele that when we get home we were going to go pee pee in the potty. So by the end of the vacation she actually said she wanted to go pee pee in the potty. I told her we would start as soon as we got home. I read a blog post (the one I semi followed is attached below) and I did the one I thought would work best for us and so we began.

Naked all day on day one (luckily it has been very warm down south this winter like 75 degree warm).  I encouraged her to drink as much as possible so she would know the feeling and would have to go more often, but because of her age I think she already knew what the urge felt like and on day one I am happy to report that we only had 1 accident.  The second day I put her in big girl underwear and we stayed around the house as much as possible and she did great with no accidents.  5 days later we have had 3 accidents total, which one was my fault since I forgot to put a diaper on her before nap time….hopefully that won’t happen again!

Lauren had a similar experience with Tanner, keeping him mostly naked the first day and asking him frequently if he needed to go and sometimes making him go, even if he didn’t think he needed to. She knew he could do it since he had done it once before for a short period of time, and in no time at all he was telling her that he needed to go. One week in and he has had only one accident!

The advice we would give to make potty training easier on yourself is to wait to do it when they are ready.  If you try to push it too early you will only frustrate you & your little one, making the process longer and harder. For those of you who also have conquered this task, we would love to know what has worked for you in the and what other pieces of advice you might have for the moms out there who may be ready to take the plunge! 🙂


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