Simplify your morning routine…

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So you’re dressed to the nines at 7AM (momtalk = actually changed out of pajamas or, birthday suit), and you even had time to do your makeup… Congrats, fellow Super Mom! Unfortunately, only other moms could possibly understand or appreciate the effort that goes into simply brushing your hair sometimes. Therefore, when your 5 year old plays in her pancake syrup before giving you a big bear cub hug or your 5 month old decides to give you a milk bath or blow out his diaper, while sitting on your knee, you’re the only one wondering how in the world you’re going to get changed and still make it to wherever on time.

While most of the time an awesome bib (like the drool bib from The Cocoon Co.) will keep your precious little one clean and dry, moms don’t always run around in their aprons like Stepford Wives, so your clothes are generally not as protected. That’s where your bathrobe comes into play!

It has served you well many nights after a long, relaxing, hot bath, right? (Who are we kidding? Momtalk = 5 minute lukewarm shower while a baby stares at you from a bouncer and a 5 year old sings to you while turning her clothes inside out… we feel your pain.) Why not re-purpose this wonderful invention and wear your bathrobe over your nice clothes while going about your morning mom duties?

The robe can then take the brunt of your morning battlefield like the armor you never knew you had, while being quickly tossed to the floor on your way out the door. Just don’t get so comfortable you forget to take it off before walking into work or that corporate meeting, or the grocery store. Just kidding, wear that robe wherever you feel comfortable (which would be everywhere, because it’s a comfortable robe!).



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