Why Cocoon Swaddles?
For generations mothers have swaddled their babies, helping to reduce crying, as well as calm and soothe their precious little ones into sleep. However, swaddling a baby on the go is something parents have been unable to do effectively…until now!

The Cocoon Company’s car seat swaddle is the ideal solution for any parent who swaddles. Its easy to use design is perfect for your baby’s car seat or other five point or three point restraining system. This organic car seat swaddle is not only idea for your car seat, but it can also be used in bouncy seats, swings, and strollers.

Why Cocoon Bibs?
Simply put, we care about what goes into our babies’ mouths. Babies chew and suck on their bibs all the time. Our little ones’ bibs can end up being a collection point for spit up, dried up baby food, drool, germs and grime. Have you ever stopped to think about what is actually going into their mouth at any given time? We have. And it’s not just what the baby gets on the bib that concerns us but what may be getting into their systems from the fabric itself. We are really interested in what chemicals were used to make that bib.

Cocoon bibs are made with the finest Peruvian cotton along with patented materials that make them anti-microbial as well as waterproof and oil repellent. Not only are our bibs incredibly soft, but they help in keeping germs and bacteria away from your baby. Do the bibs you use now satisfy your desire for your baby’s safety as well as offer easy cleaning? Ours do. We also use the Oeko-Tex Standard so you can be assured just how safely our bibs are made.

What is the Oeko-Tex Standard?
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 measures textiles at all stages of the production process and, even more importantly to us, at higher standards than those required by the federal government. It checks for harmful chemical use during parts of the manufacturing process–those chemicals legally allowable and those that are not. The testing always considers exactly how the product will be used and how much skin contact there will be. The more skin contact, the more heightened the standards and scrutiny. To read more about this testing standard that we’ve chosen to utilize in the process of bringing our goods to market, click here.