You do WHAT with that puppy pad?!?

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If you’ve been a mom for at least a few months, you’ve most likely found your little one in need of an on-the-go diaper change. You’ve probably been able to achieve this in the backseat of your car, and odds are it wasn’t a simple #1. But there are many places an on the go diaper change can surprise you, like the many store or restaurant restrooms that are not equipped with a changing station.

Then there’s the inevitable blowout when you’re by yourself and baby has reached the I’m-never-laying-on-my-back-again phase. Even if you’re comfortable at home, a blowout shows no mercy to anyone, anywhere. Sometimes you have to “throw in the towel” (or old blanket) literally to try to protect your surroundings from the mess!

Fortunately, most diaper bags come with a travel pad for these situations, and to use on those who-knows-if-it’s-ever-been-cleaned changing stations, but then once you’ve used it you have to clean both sides later since the dirty changing station germs are clinging to it. What if you forget to clean it? Or (oh no!) you forget the diaper bag?

That is where your trusty puppy potty pad can save the day (and possibly your car’s leather interior or friend’s carpet). Keep one in your purse, diaper bag, car, and stroller for any emergency. You can also use a puppy pad as a disposable placemat or mattress-protector during human potty-training. Like laundry, the possibilities are endless! What are some ways you’ve made-do with supplies on-hand in tricky situations?


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